Coppa – Black Pepper


Succulent air cured Organic pork neck fillet seasoned with Organic black pepper. Minimum cure time of 5 weeks.

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Coppa – “delicate flavor and tender, fatty texture”

What we do:

For our Coppa making method we take this beautiful cut, add salt, then coat in cracked black pepper before it’s cured for a minimum of 5 weeks in a controlled environment. Slowly removing the moisture from the meat dries it gently to produce a mature and deep flavour set. The salt acts as the preservative, perfectly balanced so it’s not too salty, then adding the black pepper gives a final kick of spice.

How best to eat it:

Coppa, or Capocollo, is esteemed for its delicate flavor and tender, fatty texture. Likened to prosciutto, Coppa is best eaten raw and sliced very thin. Coppa, can be used in many dishes such as Salads, Sandwiches and Charcuterie platters or cheese boards.


A traditional Italian antipasto, originating in Corsica.

Coppa is the porky cousin to Bresaola (lean beef salumi).


Ingredients: Organic Pork, Salt, Organic Black Pepper, Sodium Nitrite

Note:- minimum 140 grams of pork used per 100 grams of product.